Get a taste of Celtic Warrior Music at YouTube Link: All downloads at the CD Baby & Amazon links below. iTunes etc etc. You'll find this music @ every imaginable outlet in the World inside & outside of the United States of America. The World is being stocked by American produce as we speak. CELTIC MUSIC IS NOW AS EVERY PEOPLE FIND TRIBAL VOICE

Apple iTunes Music Maintain The Rage by Celtic Warriors  Celtic Warriors Live II by Celtic Warriors | CelticWarriors by Celtic Warriors | Wild Spirit by JohnnyLangford and The Undefeated | The Best of Johnny and The Undefreated by Johnny Langford and The Undefeated  This Is Not A Free

Land by The Undedeated

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CELTIC WARRIOR MUSIC!! CELTIC WARRIOR MUSIC!! CELTIC WARRIOR MUSIC!! These bands have it all ... and more! From ripping jigs and reels with spoons, banjos, bodhran and guitar, to vocals and harmonies on the most sensitive of ballads and through to the most hardcore rebel music that anyone has ever heard. All of this live music, performed with only the power and passion that these bands can deliver! Celtic Warriors, The Undefeated & Australian guest artist Johnny Langford nee' Barry will get you singing and dancing along to all of Ireland's favourite songs and tunes with the occasional world song of freedom. In fact this band is all about freedom and this band's first hand experiences of being freedom fighter volunteers and ex political prisoners will vouch for that. In a similar way that cruelty and slavery gave birth to the blues, then one can say that the same treatment to the Irish from colonial tyrants gave birth to this music. Irish people are never scared of dying for what they believe in. These Celtic Warriors tracks mostly performed live & recorded on location in some of the most annonymous & out of the way locations (wether the musicians finished at 1am of 5.30am by native Irish, well they were certainly nights my Australian recording company can never forget, where the atmosphere was RAW to say the least also be heard on You-Tube at  And for Aussie/Irish performers mainly mixed & mastered to a tee. The difference in styles is quite amazing really. Check Johnny at 


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Celtic Warriors Celtic Warriors Celtic Warriors

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Name: Sean
Yes, things are, contrary to what others think, progressing. The realisation will come that spending money on food & not nukes will happen. Prohibited substances for the benefit of mankind will be legalised & the extreme disparagy between so much wealth in the hands of the very few & so much poverty by up to 99% of some communities has to give to a concieonce to the sick, greedy few who seem to enjoy their advantage....
Added: Mon, 19th February, 2018

Grafitti on the Walls -

Maintain The Rage by Celtic Warriors

Go Home British Soldiers by Celtic Warriors

Grafitti on the Walls (Celtic Symphony

The Irish Rover

Go Home British Soldiers

Go Home British Soldiers

Soldiers Song (Irish National Anthen)

Just play the above active music player link & I think one will find the songs & Instrumentation from these lads is performed with about the most powerfull presentation & stage presence that one could ever experience anywhere in the world (and being the label owner I'm a man of the world) These other internet sites have nothing to offer in comparrison to these guys, except for a few hard earned & zealously protected reputations. These guys are the best. Listening to this band's recordings is the next best thing to going there. This sort of live performing. (AND WE HAD THE MIXING BOARD SET PERFECT, I THINK WE EVEN EMBARRASED THE LADS INTO HOW GOOD WE GOT THEM SOUNDING) THEIR SOUND HERE IS AWSOME. With these guys, one gets the whole damned deal. Even old Granny would find her 2nd life & go into a fling, because these guys sing about a time when men were men, and so much freedom was won by so few, it was an honour to be a part of the altered state this band put everyone present into. DO YOUR SELF A FAVOR, BUY A FEW TRACKS EH? YOU WON'T EVER REGRET IT.

This Land is Your Land. This Land is my Land by Celtic Warriors

Graffiti on the Walls

 Go Home British       Soldiers

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Maintain The Rage               by Celtic Warriors